Planting roots

I woke up at 4 am this morning, so bare with me. I debated putting off this post because I’m so tired, but I have no choice. This is supposed to be a blog that follows my experiences, and neglecting to discuss my first day would be counterproductive to the entire project.

After my flight this morning (two flights really, one into Philly and a connector into New York) I was already tired. I could’ve sworn it was 6pm, but after looking at my phone in the driver’s car only to realize it was noon, I realized I was in for a long day.

It was great to see the Ryans again. I taught their middle kid, Jackson, guitar lessons back in Cincinnati, and their dad received a promotion that moved them out to Darien, CT. They were kind enough to let me stay with them for the duration of the internship. Free room and board in an upper-class Connecticut home- I’ll take it.

Tomorrow I go to scout out my train route and figure out exactly how I’ll get to work every day. When I muster up the energy, I’ll post a picture of the house in which I’m staying as well as the CNBC headquarters at which I’ll be working.

For now, it’s nap time.


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