First bite of the Apple

Hanging out by NBC headquarters at 30 Rock

So today I went into the city to scope out how my train in to Manhattan would work, where to meet my shuttle and other various business items on my agenda. However, spending 6 hours in the city, I took my time to wonder around and take it all in before I start work tomorrow.

I took pictures (granted, they are taken with my Palm Pre, so nothing fancy. It got the job done) and they can be seen throughout the post… obviously.

It was a cool experience to be able to aimlessly wonder around one of the biggest cities of the world and take it all in. Time restrictions kept me from making t down to the south end of Manhattan, notorious for being the business district, where Wall Street and the like can be found.

It’s a unique city in the sense that everywhere you turn is somewhere more famous than the last. Whether it be from a TV show or a movie, each place has a familiarity, despite never having been there before in most cases.

I found the most important thing of all...

My biggest find of the day… Chipotle. I found it just a block from where my shuttle picks me up outside of Grand Central Station. Can you say Burrito for the ride home?

In fact, I actually found two Chipotles, but I figured taking a picture of one would get the message I wanted to get across. Plus, this one is the closest and the one I will most frequently visit. What was even better- I didn’t see any shitty Moes or Qdobas

Here are the rest of the pictures from my day. If you want to see the larger version, just click on the picture. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more and more pictures as time passes. Today was a good start.

Grand Central Station, where I'll be coming into Manhattan every day

View from Central Park

Another shot from Central Park

And a final shot from Central Park, looking out to the Upper East Side

The rivals, CBS

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Yeah, so I like True Blood. Bite Me (no pun intended). I liked the poster for the new season in Times Square

It was a long, hectic day, but I know one thing for sure- I can get very used to a place like this.


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  1. Matt, love the pictures…Central Park is sooo pretty with everything blooming…did you see the Chrysler Building (my personal favorite) Enjoy the big city so happy you have the opportunity to experience the Big Apple…

  2. I actually take a train into Grand Central everyday, so I’ll be seeing a lot of it since its just a block or so up. I’m a fan myself

  3. Have you met Kenneth yet? Is he like the head intern for your group?

    • haha no Kenneth yet. Although I’ve been talking to some of the poeple at CNBC and becoming a page is how they got their job, so I’m considering maybe doing it for a year after I graduate. After you go through the tours of 30 rock phase, you then get assigned to a division for 3 months, and its a great chance to make contacts.

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