The New York Bucket List

Having two months in New York is ideal. It will let me get a real taste of the city without fully committing. However, in order to capitalize on such an opportunity, I need to come up with a list of things to do while I’m here. I’d like a list that includes the best of the best places to eat, museums, sights, etc.

If money allows, I’d like to knock just about every one off the list before I head home in July. The thing is, there are plenty of things in New York that I probably don’t know about, so please comment with some ideas if you know of great things I should make sure to do before I leave and I will most certainly add them. This can include amazing restaurants (Marty, thank you for your list of recommendations in that department)

The New York Bucket List (for now. please help me add to it.)

  • I’ve yet to see one of the most famous monuments in the country, the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island.
  • I want to go to another broadway show. Rolling Stone highly recommended Green Day’s I’d like to see it as well as another couple.
  • Go to a Yankee game in Yankee stadium
  • Attend a live taping of Jimmy Fallon (already in the works)
  • See the Blue Man Group again

This is just meant to be a starter kit. I’m hoping you guys have some serious recommendations for me to make this a long list. The more the better.


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  1. Honestly, go to the Met or any of the fancy museums/art places. I know it sounds boring, but sometimes it can be secretly surprising.

    Go to see the construction at 1 World Trade.

    People watch in Times Square. Try to get on TRL (if they still have it?)

    Go visit the New York Times building.

    Two words: Rucker. Park.

  2. I love that Kenny thinks TRL still exists.

  3. Go shopping at Chelsea Market – where all the Food Network stars shop!!!

    Go to one or all of the following restaurants: Babbo – mario batali head chef

    Bolo, Mesa Grill or Bar American – all Bobby Flay restaurants

    Delmonico Steakhouse – Emeril Lagasse head chef

    And take pics of the food and send them to me.

  4. Britney McIntosh

    Seriously, go stand outside of the NY times building for like 10 minutes. Ive done that twice already and I probably will again next time im there… haha. Its at 86th and 7th i think… somewhere around there.

    as for broadway, tarzan and the lion king are both really really awesome. so is les miserables.

    Also, go to the toys R Us store on broadway, they have a ferris wheel inside, that i swear to god is the funnest thing ever to ride.

    Go eat at Umbertos in little italy, not sure of the streets but if you say little italy people will know what youre talking about.

    Go to central park around 6 am, because thats where the entire NYPD Metro takes off for the start of the day and its crazy to watch, they all start their lights and zoom off at the same time.

    The central park zoo isnt nearly as cool as the bronx zoo, but its cool to say youve been to both.

    Like Kenny said, the Met is awesome, and i could seriously spend a whole day there.

    Eat a pretzel from a cart.
    Also, apparently there is a club in NYC ill find out where it is, but its run by people from KY and decorated in UK blue and crap. crazy i know.
    Ill let you know if I think of anything else.

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