First bout in the War Room

You see it in movies and TV shows- the conference rooms where high powered agents and executives meet to discuss important matters at hand.

At CNBC, each individual show has its own War Room, where producers discuss that particular show and brainstorm on ideas for upcoming episodes.

I have the good fortune to be working for the station at a time when it is on the brink of launching three new shows.prototypical intern, knocking out the busywork that no one else wanted to do. She promised hands-on experience, and today I got it.

I mentioned in that meeting with Mary that and upcoming show, which deals with technology’s role in the future world, would be something in which I would be suited to contribute. Mary heard me.

Today while I was at my desk working on stock picks, Mary approached me with an outline of the show in hand and told me to follow her to the War Room.

The room’s light, wood-paneled walls were broken up only by the massive dry-erase boards that hung on them and the 5 flat screens showing various other news outlets. In the center of the room was a massive round table featuring four computer terminals,  and ten chairs that surrounded it. Mary and I sat down and she quickly briefed me before the other producers began to file in.

Then it started, too fast for me to summarize what was said. Essentially they needed to rework one of their blocks (the segments between commercials) and discuss applicable poll questions to supplement the show for their website.

I wasn’t a wallflower either. Creating a show dealing with technology, the room acknowledged that my youth brought a perspective they hadn’t had, and after many of the debates, Mary singled me out to get my opinion. I started to feel out the rhythm of the room, and by the second half of the meeting, I felt like I belonged in there.

I don’t know if I’ll get to experience something quite like that again, but I certainly hope I do.

Tomorrow, rather than report to CNBC headquarters, I will be going with a producer to a book Expo in Lower West Manhattan. There, we are splitting up to find books, authors and topics CNBC can use in its upcoming shows. Its been a ridiculous week, and it’s only Monday….


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  1. Matt,

    That sounds unbeleivable. You will have to teach me all about how the stock market works when we are home in July. Keep working hard and taking initiative.

    Good things will happen.


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