The Book Expo of America

Each year, CNBC goes to the Book Expo of America in the Javits Center in Manhattan. The expo offers an opportunity for the network to make contacts with publishers and authors that could serve as sources and guests for the show.

Today, CNBC primetime producer Erica Berman let me tag along, and it turned out to be much more than I expected. Other than meeting publishers from the biggest publishing companies in the world, I also met representatives from Google and other tech companies. Needless to say I added quite a bit to my business card collection.

While it was cool to go around and meet these executives, the highlights of my day came from some of the other guests. Former Rolling Stone writer Rob Sheffield was there exploring sources for his current magazine Maxim. While I didn’t get to say much of anything, it was cool to meet him and tell him I was a fan.

Tony Hawk signing books. I was able to meet him after and get him to sign one for myself

But the highest point of the day came when I met skateboarder Tony Hawk, who was there to discuss his new book. I was able to meet him and he signed his book and gave me a hat. Somehow through all of his success, he is still a very down-to-earth guy.

For the latter half of the day, Erica took me to the Nasdaq so that I could actually watch Fast Money from the set in Times Square. It was a rush to be on the floor of a live news show, and watch the way the show is run, not from the control room, but from the floor itself.

Being out of the office was a great change of pace for the day, and after being on my feet for 12 straight hours, I’m exhausted.

My signed Tony Hawk book

The Fast Money set, filming live from the Nasdaq in Times Square


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