The NYC Stars (Update number 2)

So earlier this month, I decided I’d keep a running list of celebrities I see and/or meet while I’m here in New York. Each time I cross paths with new celebrities I’ll put their names at the top of the new list and re-post it in its entirety. After today, the list reads as follows:

  • Tony Hawk, professional skatboard- meet and recieved autographed copy of his new book as well as his official hat at the Book Expo of America in lower west Manhattan
  • Rob Sheffield, former Rolling Stone writer, author of Love is a Mixtape, and current columnist for Maxim. Seen at the Book Expo of America
  • Jeff Hayzlett, Celebrity Apprentice judge, author and CMO for Kodak, seen at the Book Expo of America
  • Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money on CNBC, seen in the CNBC headquarters
  • Melissa Lee, host of Fast Money and Options Action on CNBC (yes, she counts)- seen in the CNBC offices obviously
  • Jorge Garcia, who plays the role of Hurley on ABC’s Lost- saw him wondering around on his own in Times Square on May 16.

While I certainly feel fortunate this series was able to have a 2nd entry, I hope more will come. It’s already accumulated into quite a list and one I hope will continue to grow.


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