Meeting of the Minds

Wednesday was a taste of something completely new at CNBC. For those readers who read my post a few weeks ago about my being able to sit in on a creative meeting for a new series, today I was able to see the project come to fruition.

Wednesday, CNBC shot its special “Meeting of the Minds: the Future of Technology.”  The show is essentially a round-table discussion between leaders in technology such as Jay Adelson, founder of Digg, and Padmasarie Warrior, CTO of Cisco and former CTO of Motorola. The discussion was moderated by Maria Bartiromo.

While it doesn’t air until next Wednesday, that didn’t make the shooting any less stressful. Each guest, and even Maria, had a schedule to attend to and there was a time crunch. They took nearly 2 hours of footage, which will eventually be cut down into 44 minutes or so. The content was all good and the discussion certainly got heated at times.

Seeing the business world of news is unique, but I enjoyed this special because it is in the realm of news in which I am most interested. And what’s more is the ambiguity and unknown element of the future of technology, and hearing the opinion of these experts was an incredible privelage.

My individual responsibility was two-fold. During the actual shooting I was the Personal Assistant for the control room, running scripts where they needed to go, making sure the teleprompter was running correctly, running questions and favors for the producers and things of the nature.

After the show ended I was responsible for two of the six guests, Jay Adelson and Glenn Hutchins. I had to get one to his post-show interview and run the other to his photo session, and then flip flop them and escort them to their rides.

I was so appreciative to be able to deal with the show in all of its phases, from the planning, to the shooting to the post-show activities. And next week I’ll be able to see it go through the editing process and watch it air Wednesday evening at 8pm on CNBC.


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