The inside looking out

On Monday, I found myself sitting in the Nasdaq studio during the live taping of Fast Money, not watching the quick witted Guy Adami and the gang firing wisecracks at their fellow traders, but instead turning around and looking through the giant glass panel into Times Square. It was there I saw hordes of people huddled outside, some with their hands up to the glass to cut down on glare, others peering up just to get a peak in at the taping of a live show.

Its moments like these that open my eyes. I’m interning at a national news network, sitting behind cameras filming the best in the business.

When I’d first arrived at CNBC I was in awe. The studios were giant, the control rooms hectic, and over time I’d adapted. I’d noticed it in Kara when I first met her, and I remember her smiling at my amazement the first day, telling me it was cool to see someone with the hunger and the humility. As  CNBC, the Nasdaq and New York began to become a daily routine, I had started to grow numb to it, taking it for granted.

I’ve been in constant contact with Jordan since I’ve left home, and if anyone has helped me stay grounded its her. Every little meeting and detail that I’d begun to see as routine, she’s helped me put it back in real-world perspective.

Both Jordan and that Monday afternoon, watching the tourists trying to peek in through the glass to see a live taping, reminded me how lucky I am to be here. Anyone of those people fighting the crowd to see in deserved to be in that room just as much as I did. Opportunities like this come along once in a lifetime, and if I let the giant studios, the control rooms and the big city become routine, I’m not going to be able to appreciate it until I’ve already left.

I have two weeks left here, and while I fully intend to be back (any excuse in the world would be enough to bring me back to this city) I need to make the most of these final days. I have been a part of some great projects and I have an unbelievable week ahead, sure to lead to countless posts on here. Next week I’m taking 3 of the other interns to the Jimmy Fallon taping on Thursday. Kara had given me 4 tickets and I was worried I wasn’t going to have anyone to take. I’m glad I do.

Next Friday, friends are coming in for my 21st birthday weekend, and we are going to spend it in Manhattan. No better time for the wake-up call I’ve had than before this upcoming week.


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