Live from Studio 6B…

A lap shot of the Fallon studio. I did the best I could without getting kicked out

So anyone who knows me, knows that I am a die-hard Late Night with Jimmy Fallon fan. I’d mentioned in a previous post that the production coordinator at CNBC got me tickets and tonight I took 3 of the other interns with me to the taping.

It was a surreal experience being a in a building where so much historical television has been filmed. 30 Rock has hosted shows like SNL, Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and many others, and now in Studio 6B, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

We were filed into the studio to discover our seats were in the center of the front row. A comedian then came out and warmed up the crowd before Jimmy’s house band, The Roots, came out and played a few songs before the show kicked off.

The guests for the night were David Spade, Beth Ostrosky Stern and MGMT. Jimmy is as likeable when the cameras turn off as he is with them on, and it’s great to see him coming into his own. He would joke and interact with the crowd, and at the end tried to go around and shake hands with as many people as he could.

I took some pictures, but phones were forbidden, so they were taken blindly from my lap, but it gives you a taste of the studio’s setup and where our seats were.

The stage for the Legendary Roots crew. Great pre-show set

After his intro monologue, Jimmy and the roots informed the crowd they’d be receiving a free copy of the Roots new album, “How I Got Over,” at which point the camera scanned the crowd, and we should most certainly be on TV. We’ll find out for sure tonight. I’m in a black button down and khakis… just saying.

It’s great to have another item crossed off the bucket list, and as I write this, friends are en route for my 21st birthday weekend. Hopefully Sunday will bring an entertaining post along with it.

For anyone reading this on 6/24 before midnight, the episode airs tonight at 12:30 on NBC if you want to check it out or fire up that Tivo. It was a funny one.



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