21 in Manhattan

Lucas bought a round at Coyote Ugly

So the weekend finally come. Some of my best friends from home made the trek up to New York City to spend my 21st birthday with me.

Thursday we spent most of the day being tourists, aimlessly wondering around New York and shopping. It was nice, since most of the time I’m hurrying from one place to another.

We visited Central Park and Times Square as I gave them the tour of places where I work and the go-to places for tourists.

Saturday is where the action began. We first had to check into our Hilton in Times Square, then run back down to 44th to see Green Day’s American Idiot on Broadway (scratch that off the bucket list). The show was incredible, and all five of us left feeling pretty much the same.

We then ran to Virgil’s Barbecue to catch the depressing second half and subsequent overtime loss for the US soccer team.

After that had ended we made our way to lower Manhattan to check out Ground Zero and the construction of One World Trade Center. One of the most powerful things we found was the preserved steal-beam cross that had been temporarily relocated to a nearby church.

Then the night began. We went to the hotel to pre-game and get ready before heading down to East Village and bar hopping there. Our initial quest for a bar took some time and we were so happy to have found one that my first legal drink came at Coyote Ugly. We would eventually move on to other bars before spending the final 2 hours of our night at he Village Pourhouse until we closed it down at 4:30.

I’m really not sure I could’ve asked for more for my 21st. It was an unbelievable time with unbelievable people and a memory I won’t soon forget.


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  1. amazing time my man!

  2. way to post a picture that i’m not in. A hole. jusss plaaayin. will you all come support me when i’m a bartender for coyote ugly?

  3. Wish I could have been in the picture as well. But definitely a fantastic time that none of us will soon forget. Live it up these last few days and I look forward to seeing you back in Cincinnati later this week.


  4. Yo yo sarah, no lies, the owner/creator of the coyote ugly franchise is a fellow ursuline tiger. the ursuline high school in new york, but ursuline nonetheless!

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