If you’re leaving New York, you ain’t going nowhere…

…it’s a quote I’ve been thinking about for some time, and while I’m not sure it’s entirely true, there is no better city on Earth.

However, I stumbled across a less depressing, more fitting quote anyway- one I realized the truth in the moment I got here: “One belongs to New York instantly. One belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” A part of me will stay in this city, just as a part of it will stay in me.

My flight leaves tomorrow after work. I can’t believe my time here is coming to an end.

I started this blog to document the experience, and I think I did an effective job. I wish I could’ve posted more, but fortunately the reason I posted less than I would like to have was because I was busy.

The CNBC experience was a great one. I don’t know that business news is for me, but it opened my eyes to television and allowed me to meet some unbelievable people. Maureen, the page, is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, and gives 100 percent of herself to her work each day. She taught me as much as anyone else in that place and opened my eyes to the Page program.

The rest of the staff in Prime Time Development made a staggering attempt to get to know both me and the other interns. Senior Executive Producer of Prime Time Development Mary Duffy called me to let me know I had gotten the internship, and that full hands-on approach never faded. She let me into meetings, discussed my feelings on my work and made an effort to say hello each time we passed.

While the other interns didn’t arrive until I’d been there for a few weeks, we began to develop a great relationship in the latter half of my internship. I regret that we didn’t get close until it was already almost time for me to leave.

The city was as great an experience as the job. Hundreds of cultures and ethnicities collide on that island, and the rumors of the city being hostile are blatantly false. I was impressed by the effort people made to help others, and had no out-of-the-ordinary negative experience. The city is big, gorgeous and unforgiving. I want to call it home.

The playlist you guys helped me build in early May is playing as I look around a now-bare room that has been my home for the last two months. It’s a bittersweet feeling. I’m beyond excited to be home with friends again, but I may never get an opportunity like this for the rest of my life- a chance to roll into Grand Central Terminal every day and commute to a job with a powerful TV network in midtown Manhattan.

I will continue to use this blog as my personal one when I get home. It’s become too natural to open up on here.

All I can hope is that this internship was a precursor to bigger things to come from this city. My Empire Project is only just beginning.  I’m going to pursue the pageship with all I have and keep my fingers crossed that it gets me up here for a full year after I graduate, and subsequently cross my fingers that it may get me up here for good. No city breathes life into a person like this one.

New York- this isn’t ‘goodbye,’ it’s just a ‘see you later.’


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