Back to New York

My panel interview was April 18, 2011. I didn’t want to write a single word about how much I wanted the job or how I thought I did in the interview until I heard back out of some kind of irrational fear of jynxing it. But I finally heard, and I am moving back to New York on June 11th to be an NBC Page.

It was about this time last year I posted on this very blog about the position. I had learned about it from a handful of alums that had since moved on to bigger and better things within NBC, and the position had been on my radar ever since.

But lets rewind for a moment, shall we?

That day was nerve-wracking. I arrived to 30 Rock two hours early, only to wait outside the entire time. I’m not sure exactly how much I can say about the process itself, but I can tell you that you don’t interview alone, but rather with a panel of other finalists. The 11 others that were there with me that day were unbelievable people who had accomplished unbelievable things. Working with them became as much of a motivating factor as working at NBC or being in New York. But I was able to keep my focus and made it through the various stages of the day-long interview.

Then the waiting began. I didn’t hear a single word from NBC for three weeks, until I received an email. I knew it was bad news. Bad news always comes by way of email. No one wants to hear the voice of the rejected. But upon opening it, it simply asked when my potential start date would be. That was more frustrating than a rejection, simply because it meant more waiting, and for me, anticipation makes me more uncomfortable than anything else. I had another job waiting in the wings, one that would ship me out June 2nd, yet in the middle of May, I still had no idea where or when I was leaving.

But then, the morning of Tuesday May 24th my phone rang, waking me up. I opened one eye and glanced at the area code, only to see the 212. I sat up, cleared my throat and answered. The rest is history.

My first day as an NBC Page in 30 Rock, in Manhattan is June 13th. It can’t come soon enough.


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  1. Christine Cestaro

    Hi! I really enjoy reading your blog! Congrats on the position! I am about to go on the same journey and would love any advice you have to give when you are not to busy. I really appreciate it! Thanks!

  2. Any advice for the panel interview?

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