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Closing in

So my interview is in a week. I don’t know when I will know the result, but its relieving to know that in a few short days, I will have done all I can do to get myself back in NYC and NBC.

Butets not forget the smaller, more instantaneous reward- a brief return to the Big Apple.

PS- I got a new WordPress app on my phone and this is the first post from said app. Seems like it was a success, no? Hopefully the newfound ability to update on the go will help me stay a little more disciplined with this bad boy.


First bite of the Apple

Hanging out by NBC headquarters at 30 Rock

So today I went into the city to scope out how my train in to Manhattan would work, where to meet my shuttle and other various business items on my agenda. However, spending 6 hours in the city, I took my time to wonder around and take it all in before I start work tomorrow.

I took pictures (granted, they are taken with my Palm Pre, so nothing fancy. It got the job done) and they can be seen throughout the post… obviously.

It was a cool experience to be able to aimlessly wonder around one of the biggest cities of the world and take it all in. Time restrictions kept me from making t down to the south end of Manhattan, notorious for being the business district, where Wall Street and the like can be found.

It’s a unique city in the sense that everywhere you turn is somewhere more famous than the last. Whether it be from a TV show or a movie, each place has a familiarity, despite never having been there before in most cases.

I found the most important thing of all...

My biggest find of the day… Chipotle. I found it just a block from where my shuttle picks me up outside of Grand Central Station. Can you say Burrito for the ride home?

In fact, I actually found two Chipotles, but I figured taking a picture of one would get the message I wanted to get across. Plus, this one is the closest and the one I will most frequently visit. What was even better- I didn’t see any shitty Moes or Qdobas

Here are the rest of the pictures from my day. If you want to see the larger version, just click on the picture. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more and more pictures as time passes. Today was a good start.

Grand Central Station, where I'll be coming into Manhattan every day

View from Central Park

Another shot from Central Park

And a final shot from Central Park, looking out to the Upper East Side

The rivals, CBS

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Yeah, so I like True Blood. Bite Me (no pun intended). I liked the poster for the new season in Times Square

It was a long, hectic day, but I know one thing for sure- I can get very used to a place like this.

The Empire Project

Sometimes my fingers hover over the keys for minutes. The start is the hardest part. I’ve always been the type to get a good idea once it’s too late. Not this time. When you’re an unworthy 20-year-old kid getting ready to tackle an internship for NBC in New York, its easy to realize that’s something worth documenting. That’s what the Empire Project is for.

I have another blog. I debated whether or not to create a separate one solely for my NYC experience, and decided if I didn’t create a project simply for this, I wouldn’t stay disciplined enough. I’m not sure what this will become, if anything other than my own self-indulgent writing. This may be the only post I ever put here. But at least I started at the beginning.

The internship is a great opportunity, but it is just one of a handful of variables that make this summer a chapter in my life worth writing about. In a lot of ways, this summer is my path to adulthood. It’s my last summer before I graduate. I turn 21 in June. It’s an opportunity to make headway in my professional life. But most importantly it’s a chance to learn, not only about journalism, but about myself.

I’ve been to New York before, but only for 3 days. I loved it, but it could have just been a honey moon period. It’s sort of like the way food tastes so much better when it isn’t your own. Maybe when I’ve been in the city for two, three, four weeks, monotony will take over. I doubt it.

It’s Thursday, May 6. I leave in 9 days. For now I’ll make due listening to the Eagles in my suburban Cincinnati home.